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Do you really know who you are?

Published August 5, 2014 by Dream Weaver

Most people know who their parents, siblings, grandparents & cousins are.  A few of us our luckily adopted into loving families with either no information and sometimes with a small amount of information and others with if they are lucky a full name usually the last name of one the parents and where the birth happened.  Some of adoptees are happy to never know anything about their birth parents their who lives.

A month ago, my spouse and I (the avid genealogist) decided to do our DNA.  Me to confirm what I knew and maybe possibly find answers to a few puzzles.

My spouse curious about his birth parents, he had no information at all and a birth certificate not on file in his home state, where he lived his whole life of almost 60 years.

My DNA has as I suspected confirmed no new leads, just confirmation.

My Spouse no close leads.

I did have one name I had no clue on as a First Cousin.  So I contacted him.  For privacy we will call him John.  John was born in my home state in a small town 40-50 miles from most of my immediate family on both sides of my family tree.  Which perked an interest.  He’s 7 years younger so we are close in age as most of my cousins range 20 years. Which happens when you come from large families.

I asked John to check his matches for 2 names and lo & behold he matched them at the same level, we 3 share the same Great Great Grandparents.

We talked about who could be his father in my line, and his hopes as you can imagine grew.  I slowed him down even though the resemblance is remarkable to uncles and cousins.

So I pushed him to look for a few more matches on my fathers mothers side trying to narrow down the long list of possibles.  He matched them both the same level as I do, my father’s mother’s line.

So we share the same Grandparents X & Y.

Next thing I did was look for John Smith’s last name at birth in burials in the small town and the county.  What did I find one 14 year old who died three years before he was born and 5 family trees with the teenage boy in it.  I sent them all emails hoping they will help John Smith find his true parents names, even if it is only a father.

Now we wait.  I don’t know who is more anxious John or me.

Do you really know who you are?  Do you really know who your family really is?  What secrets are hiding in your closet?

I will try and keep you posted on any updates.  Good news is he finding lots out about his ancestors and with any luck soon his parents.