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Positive People….Yuck

Published July 10, 2014 by Dream Weaver

I sorry to say, have always hated positive people. You know those that fall out of the bed, the sun is shining, smile on their faces, its a wonderful day sort.

I had happy moments as a child, but very dysfunctional parents, abusive step dad and a tough life growing up. I was a only child who grew up in hand me down clothes from cousins who laughed at me for wearing their old clothes, to make it worse their parents dressed them alike (two of everything).

I lost my husband to a terminal illness when I was 28 with a 6 and 5 year old to raise and severe money issues prior to his death.

As for my children, they survived childhood with tons of therapy and a few guardian angels. So no, they are not rich famous or have wonderful jobs, one works.

I have besides all the abuse I endured as a child had my life threatened on numerous occasions, once even had a knife at my throat by a PTSD Vietnam Vet friend. I stood up to him, looking him in the eye showing no fear until he put the knife away and survived.

I have had numerous medical complications that could have killed me and have lived to suffer through another day. As for the last three years I have lived in a hospital bed either in hospitals, nursing homes or at this point at home in one.

Yes, I love people and am truly blessed to have the love of family and friends. Sadly most of these friends are not the run to you aid everyday friends, just people who know me see me and keep in touch friends. This has a lot to do with my health and inability to get out and living in the country.

So please don’t bounce in with that s*** eating smile and tell me its a wonderful day, I just may do my best orangutan imitation and fling it back at you, so can yo duck?


Karma Come Soon

Published July 3, 2014 by Dream Weaver

Three men on choppers arrive at their destination, a house at almost the end of a dirt road in the mountains of Arizona.  They stepped off their hogs in unison like outlaws in an old western.

They head to the cabin of their destination as an older man steps out on the porch.  “Hi, guys are you lost?”

“Not if you’re Owen”, said the burly bearded biker.

“Yes, that’s my name, may I ask who you are?” said Owen.

“We are, Hicks, do you know why we are here?” said the lead biker.

“I think so…”Owen said and stood quietly waiting.  He had spent fourteen years in prison not much scared him anymore, but he knew well enough to stand tough and not show fear.

“We are not here to hurt you or scare you, we just want to talk.  You have done a lot to hurt our cousin and the pain you cause her has never stopped.  Just because you are no longer molesting her, doesn’t make the memories or pain go away.  The trauma remains and the pain still stings.  You took everything from her, her father, her cousins, aunts and uncles.  You took her innocence and her confidence.  We suspect you even took her mother away, from stupidity causing her death.  Then you even took her mother’s death wish, her mother’s last words away from her.  Frankie was surrounded by her siblings, nieces and nephews where were you? Frankie spoke to Sandy just before she was put on life supports.  Frankie told Sandy that this cabin is hers not yours.  That you had other places, properties and this place was hers.  At least 4 people heard this from Frankie, Sandy didn’t fight it. Even before when Sandy last saw Frankie she talked to her mother about her Mother’s Ring. You thought there were synthetic stones which actually were real gemstones, Frankie told her to take the ring. And sadly she forgot it and you say that the ring had been gone for years.  Sandy has been fighting for her sanity and life since you snuck into her life.  Now for the last three years she has fought medical battles, lucky to have survived, broke verily getting by, while you live in her house, going to the casino regularly and Las Vegas.  It is just you here why, do you have so many cars and motorhomes?  Sandy has one car that verily runs and can’t afford to get another.  Does anything sound fair here?  Do you ever think of anybody but yourself? Do you feel any guilt at all for all the lives you destroyed?  What are you going to do about this?”

Owen spoke, “You are right, where do I start?

The lead rider spoke, “How about thinking of her first for a change.  Sale the vehicles you don’t need.  Keep the truck and send everything from the sale of the vehicles to Sandy.  Or even better, send them full of some of the stuff you are just sitting on and let Sandy sell them at auction in Iowa where they will bring in good money.  You do not need all the stuff you have, come on you are an old man don’t make someone else handle it after you are gone.  All your prized stuff will be worth nothing after you are gone.  You know old man Karma is a bitch, there is still hope for you; God does not forgive everything.”

The lead rider shook his head, looked at his cousins and said, “We are done here, and the rest is up to him.  Let’s ride.”  In unison, they hopped on their hogs and started them up and rode away down the dirt road with their backs to the old man.

Remember…. Karma is a bitch, sooner or later she will get you!