Reality Hits My Dreams

Published June 18, 2014 by Dream Weaver

Just a little background on why I know the dream happened: 

I saw this as a writing idea on another site.  Yes, my mother died from Septic Shock and was in liver failure.  My stepfather did go to jail for incest of my adopted daughters, sadly mine was way too old to add the charges.

Reality Hits My Dreams

Sandy: “Hi Cuz, have you seen your local news today?”

Dotty: “Did, I miss something?”

Sandy:  “Apparently, you and the whole family has.  I am totally uh … well, actually not surprised.”

Dotty: “Don’t make me worry Cuz, tell me.”

Sandy:  “I didn’t catch the whole story, it made national news for god sake…”

Dotty: “Cuz?”

Sandy:  “They want to exhume my mom’s body.  Something about a lost or misread blood test before she died.  It wasn’t septic shock, or normal liver failure…”

Dotty:  “I knew there was always more to that man than the abuse and molestations.  Now murder!”

Sandy:  “Who do you know back home that can tell us more? I haven’t gotten through to anybody at the Phoenix, White Mountain, or the Arizona State Police.  I would assume it’s at state level with them living in the Mountains and her dying in Phoenix.”

Dotty:  “Makes sense”

Sandy:  “You think the Liver Failure was the beginning?”

Dotty: “She wasn’t sick till he got out of prison.  Are you okay to let me go and see what me and  the family will find out?  I will have to keep the reins tight on Dad, Danny and George.  He better hope he’s in jail, but he may not be safe there either. ”

Sandy:  “Yes, Tony and Lissa are here.  Do you what I know you can do and find out as much as you can.  Love you Cuz!”

Dotty:  “Love you too, be strong one more time, this we will get through together!”



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