Another Day in Paradise?

Published June 17, 2014 by Dream Weaver

To those who go to school or work, be joyful.  I used to look forward to the days I could go and volunteer at one of my favorite places and activities.  For the last three years, I have existed in one hospital bed or another, either in a hospital, long care facility (nursing home) or at home.

My body hurts, sometimes screams in pain.  It takes a couple of hours just to fill my medications for the next two weeks from the dozens of pill bottles I have.

I need surgeries to fix about a dozen things wrong, but the surgeries are risky than suffering through their consequences.

As the song says, “I haven’t seen a game all year”.  I miss my grandsons T-ball games, concerts, etc…  Haven’t been to a movie or anything fun in years.  If I do get out its to the doctor, if I am out too long I am in severe pain for days.

The only place that is somewhat comfortable is my hospital bed, so here I exist and today rant.

You be happy go to the park, work or movies for me, enjoy life.  Maybe soon, I will have a motorized chair and will be able to do more!


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