Bestest Friends

Published June 7, 2014 by Dream Weaver

‘Inspired by a dream, based loosely on real people”


“Michael is my best friend I don’t want to move away,” said six year old Avery as he walked toward his family and got into the car.  Avery stood in the front yard of what now was Michael’s old house waving at his friend, both boys crying and waving at their best friends as they drove away.

Avery’s family, stood there watching Michael and his family drive away.  “Well Avery, my big boy we better get going back to our house and see who our new neighbors are”, said Avery’s Grandpa (as he called his Grandma since he could talk).  Avery’s Grandma walked toward their car with her hand on Avery’s shoulder as Mommy and Grandpa shared a concern look.  They all loaded in the car and preceded for the long drive home, as Avery continued his sniffles.  They arrived at their home at saw the moving truck at the house next door.

“Come on Avery, let’s go and introduce ourselves and welcome the new neighbors,” said Avery’s Grandpa.

“Grandpa, I don’t want to, I miss Michael too much.  He is my bestest friend.”

“Well, let say hi for a second, and if you want we will come straight home,” said Avery’s Mommy.

Avery knocked on the new neighbor’s door, it slowly opened and there stood Michael also still crying.

The boys hugged each other, talking over each other and jumping up and down.

Michael parents stepped forward and boys looked at their families, with their tears still flowing but smiles on their faces.

Michael’s Daddy was the first to speak, “We were all lucky boys, when we had to move this house went on sale.  We knew we couldn’t separate you.  So, we figured out that we would give you the best thing ever, Bestest Friends forever.  No more having to ask for a ride to go play at each other’s house.  You can see each other’s bedrooms from your bedrooms.  Ride the bus to and from school together and play together whenever you want! “

Avery and Michael looked at each other smiling with no more tears on their faces.  Avery said, “Let’s go see my room from yours and then ran down the stairs and went next door to Avery’s room.  When they returned before they had a chance to run up the stairs again, Avery’s Grandpa pulled out a present for both the boys.  “On the count of three open your presents,” and all the adults counted “1, 2 … 3” Wrapping rips as the boys see matching Walkie-talkies. Grandpa says, “Now, you can talk to each other at bedtime, before you go to sleep.”  Michael and Avery hugged Grandpa and ran up to Michael’s room to try out their new radios.

They were and still are the ‘bestest friends’, each now owning their parents homes and living in them with their own families.  Michael named his son Avery and Avery named his son Michael and they are now ‘Bestest Friends’.


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