What comes in dreams?

What comes in dreams?

1. INSIGHT to myself, things to improve and fix in my life & occasionally visions of things to come.


3. WORLDS TO EXPLORE: some happy, some sad, and others just amazing.

Please, join me in a journey that I hope will open your mind, and help us all face the things that happen when the lights are out and the world is quiet.


One comment on “What comes in dreams?

  • Well sometimes my dreams are my reality escaping itself. I have had some awful /frightening dreams,, or those with my Mom who’s been gone for 23 yrs. I feel some dreams are for pure entertainment,, those we wish we di Not have to wake from. Others for helping our minds to settle down,, and accept a situation,, such as a trauma victim suddenly becoming the HERO in the scenario.

    I just LOVE the ones ,, which are very happy,,, uplifting.

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